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 Salute! Commitment to Training & Development

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HHS-"Improving the Quality of Life of Texans & Members of Society"




Ethical Professional Integrated & Multidisciplinary

Holistic Human Service, Outreach, Research, & Healthcare Training,

Serving  Metro, Urban,  & Rural Communities on the Texas Gulf Coast

Human Service, Healthcare Training, Health Literacy, Health Promotion, & Healthcare Outreach

The Health & Human Service Academy is a program supported by Because Houston Loves You & created by Second Chance Technology Edge High School. Because Houston Loves You began an outreach & health promotion program that in 2002. In 2003, Because Houston Loves You [BHLY] partnered with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Service to promote, Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day. Multidisciplinary support from the Houston healthcare, medical, academic & human service community made Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day and other health disparities programs the essential mission of the health literacy department at Because Houston Loves You. BHLY-HHS programs provided health literacy & health promotion throughout the Harris County. 

In 2006, Second Chance Technology Edge High School [SCTE] was formed to address a human service dilemma, self-sufficiency of foster youth & foster alumni. The mission of Because Houston Loves You and vision SCTE required intensive case management, referrals, and integrated health & human service delivery.  BHLY & SCTE needs expanded and synergy resulted in the creation of the Health & Human Service Learning Academy in 2009.

 The nexus between human service delivery and healthcare training synergized to create a Health & Human Service Academy [HHS] in 2013. Today HHS provides holistic human service, healthcare delivery, health promotion, and healthcare training. The mission of the Health & Human Service Academy is to synergize healthcare training & human service delivery integrated with multidisciplinary healthcare & human service professional capable of designing, developing, & implementing integrated healthcare delivery programs that minimizes the impact of healthcare access and reduces human suffering

We Posit: Promoting a social systems approach to healthcare and human service that creates a Holon capable of providing healthcare & human service that addresses the immediate needs of individuals and communities while working on long-term interventions & preventive strategies to improve affordable human service, that includes quality healthcare,  healthcare access, and healthcare delivery that prolongs life & reduces human suffering.

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